16-17th June 2018
Kraftwerk - Zurich

The first women-friendly hackathon in Switzerland!

Join us on the 16-17th of June, 2018, in Zurich.

During the event, over 100 participants will form teams of 2-5 people and work together on the sponsored technical challenges or their own ideas.

We invite you to the preparatory event before the hack, which will help you find your feet in this event format. Expect fun technical workshops.

Our hackathon takes place at Kraftwerk, a unique space fueling Swiss innovation and collaboration, every day from 8AM to 8PM. No overnight coding!

Get challenged!

List of sponsored challenges


Unlock the potential of machine learning techniques to solve your problem.


Build your solutions as decentralized systems.

pitch it

Wrap it in a neat user interface and present your work. Win a prize.

lead on

Turn the prototype into your own business. Lead on!

We're re-inventing the concept of hackathons

Typically, over 80% of hackathon participants are male. We recognize that lack of women in this highly collaborative event translates into lost opportunities to grow and lead in the sector that is responsible for the nation’s sustained economic growth.

Women make less than 20% of the ICT specialists in Switzerland; only 14% of executive officers, 8% of top earners, and 4% percent of Fortune 500 CEOs. The world needs more female leaders, hence we designed the first women-friendly hackathon in Switzerland.

What we offer

Safe space

Hack'n'Lead is a friendly space for you to explore career options, learn new things and invent novel solutions. Expect healthy food and relaxing yoga sessions that will feed your brain with great ideas. Just have fun and build cool prototypes with your team. And we promise you won't be the only woman in the room!

Prep event

Never been to a hackathon? Or been to one but would love to attend pitch training , or hands-on blockchain and machine learning workshops? This will be perfect for you! The info event will happen 3 weeks before the hackathon. Come by and we will tell you how to make the most of this experience!


Need a babysitter to attend? We care about you being a parent and we care about your children, so we offer childcare on site. Additionally, every girl and boy at the age of 4+ will be able to attend special afternoon sessions, during which they will learn the priciples of coding in a playful way. All thanks to our friends from Youth Intelligence Agency!


See where you fit with your skills and in which direction to grow. On top of usual tech talks, sponsor and partner companies will provide mentors on site, who are specialists in their domains. They can guide you and answer your career-related or technical questions as you work on your project. Approach them at their booths - this is your chance to learn!

Our Ambassadors

We are supported by prominent women in technology.

Monique Morrow

Monique Morrow

President & Co-Founder of The Humanized Internet

  • Dalith Steiger

    Dalith Steiger

    Co-Founder of SwissCognitive,
    THE Global AI Hub

  • Melanie Kovacs

    Melanie Kovacs

    Founder & CEO of Master21, We Shape Tech Basel

  • Aleksandra Przegalinska

    Dr Aleksandra Przegalinska

    Research Fellow, Center for Collective Intelligence, MIT

  • Applications are now closed.

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    Watch our video-invitation featuring ambassadors and friends of women++, who explain why we need more women in the fields of artificial intelligence and blockchain, and share their thoughts on the magic of hackathons.

    First hackathon? Or not sure about AI and Blockchain? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Simply register for the preparatory event! May 26th 2-5pm - Impact Hub Zürich - entry 10 CHF!

    Get ready!


    The event can happen thanks to the generosity of our partners and sponsors.
    Thank you for choosing to contribute to our mission and supporting women to hack and lead on the Swiss market.

    Platinum sponsors

    Gold sponsors

    Silver sponsors

    Bronze sponsors

    Supporting Partners

    Community Partners

    Event organizers

    women++ is a Swiss non-profit association that educated over 200 ambitious and enthusiastic women. We organize coding workshops, hackathons, and career-related training. We are on a mission to support women in building their careers in fields such as artificial intelligence and blockchain.

    Elizaveta Semenova

    Elizaveta Semenova

    Project management

    PhD candidate in Biostatistics. Finalist of several hackathons, project manager at women++.

  • Aleksandra Sokolowska

    Aleksandra Sokolowska

    Project management

    Physicist with a PhD in Computational Science, UZH. Founder and President of women++ .

  • Maelle Baud

    Maëlle Baud

    Marketing and Communication

    Digital Marketing Specialist. Board member women++.

  • Alexander Illic

    Dr. Alexander Ilic

    General Manager of Magic Leap Switzerland. Advisor of women++.

  • Henrietta Weiss

    Henrietta Weiss

    Corporate lawyer and entrepreneur. Board member women++.

  • Angelica Fulcher

    Angelica Fulcher

    Blockchain developer at Validity Labs. Board member women++.

  • Diana Herrle

    Diana Herrle

    Consultant for digital content and communications. Board member women++.

  • FAQ

    I have never participated in a hackathon before and only have very basic coding skills. Is it possible for me to participate in a hackathon like Hack'n'Lead?

    A hackathon is actually a crucial learning experience that can help you find your way in tech and improve your skills, or find out which technologies you should grasp to rock the following year. You should definitely apply! We also encourage you to attend the info event three weeks before the hackathon, which will help you prepare both mentally and technically for the hack.

    Is the event only for women?

    Anybody is welcome, no matter the gender.

    Will there be an overall theme or can participants bring their topics?

    The participants can work on their own topics but they need to work in teams of 2-5 people. It might be beneficial to make your project a part of an announced challenge, since then the chances of winning are higher.

    Will the kids do something related (like programming) while we hack?

    Yes! For this we partnered with Youth Intelligence Agency. YIA is a secret agent organization aiming on raising the interest of kids for technology in a playful and fun way. Children as young as 4 years old can play with robots, snapping electronic circuits and intelligent lego pieces, solve riddles and have a lot of fun.

    How long is the event? Will the childcare be available the whole time?

    The doors open at 8AM and close at 8PM on both days. The childcare will be available the whole time but you can arrange to bring or pick up your child any time you want.

    Is the accommodation provided?

    No, we are not providing accomodation. Please note that the facility will be closed overnight (from 8pm Saturday to 8am on Sunday).

    Do I need to come with a team or can I come alone?

    Both is possible! If you come with a team, please make sure that all team members are registered and accepted to the event. If you come alone, there will be a team-matching session which will help you find your team-mates.

    How are the teams made?

    Ideally, you have complementary skills. But in general this would depend on the project of your choice.

    What do I need to take with me to the hackathon?

    Please come with your laptop and a charger. You can also bring comfy pants and a yoga mat if you plan to attend yoga sessions. And don’t forget to take your good mood along too!

    Who owns my project?

    The team that develops the project is the owner of the project.

    Do I need to pay to attend the hackathon?

    No, hackathons are always free for the accepted participants.

    Tentative schedule

    Subject to change - check back shortly before the event!

    Time Saturday, 16th of June 2018 Time Sunday, 17th of June 2018
    8AM - 8:55AM Doors open, registration of participants 8AM - Doors open; light breakfast, hacking continues
    8:55-9:30AM Opening session [11:15-12:00AM] [Parallel: yoga session for adults]
    9:30-10:10AM Announcement of challenges 12AM-1PM Lunch
    10:10-10:40AM Team matching [2-4PM] [Parallel: coding session for kids by YIA]
    10:45AM - Hacking begins 5PM Project submission deadline
    12AM-1PM Lunch 5:15-6:00PM Pitch projects on stage
    [2-4PM] [Parallel: coding sessions for kids by YIA] 6:00-7:10PM Tech Talks
    [5-5:40PM] [Parallel: yoga session for adults] [6:00-7PM] [Parallel: Jury picks winning projects]
    5:55-7:30PM Tech Talks 7:10-7:30PM Awarding prizes to the winners
    7:30-8PM Wrap up & leave the space 7:30-8PM Wrap up & leave the space